New Big Finish Drama Podcast

Seems like a way of releasing old audios for free (with ads apparently). Starts with a two part version of Death and the Queen.


Looks look like you can only listen to it on an app though. I’m not seeing a dedicated website link where you can directly download an actual file for those of us who use a non-bluetooth, non-internet old fashioned MP3 player.

A number of podcast apps let you download the mp3 files, slightly more complicated but it should work

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It’s a podcast so you can use any podcast player. I’m sure there are ways of getting the mp3 from that onto an mp3 player. Do you use a Mac or PC?

I’m a PC user. And it’s not like I don’t already have enough to listen to. :sweat_smile:

I love that Colin says “as I invite you to listen to my new podcast”.