New Badge: Excellent!

We are working on a new badge, for rating stories featuring the Cyber-Leader. It will be called “Excellent!”.

Here is a list of all stories featuring the Cyber-Leader:

Should it be a special, secret achievement that you only get for rating EVERYTHING? Or just for TV episodes only (most people will then automatically get it).

And can anyone suggest a good image from Earthshock of the Cyber-Leader please? :blush:


A few standouts were:

cyberman 1
cybermen 2
earthshock 6

It’s probably not a secret if we’ve got a post about it. :smiley:

How about tv episodes plus “Hour of the Cybermen”, since that audio actually has David Banks saying “Excellent!” in it? Most people wouldn’t get it, but it also wouldn’t be super hard to get…

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Well, secret-ish. This thread will disappear down the list in time and be just a legend…

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Reading the title of the topic made my instantly think of this :smiley:


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Surely it has to be a picture where The Cyber Leader clenches their fist :grin:

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You know, I recently watched Star Trek:TOS’s “The Cage”, and there was a moment where one of the telepathic alien villains said “Excellent!” in just the right tone to make me think of the Cyber-Leader…

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The Cage is a fun episode! Maybe they were inspired by it when they created the Cyber-Leader :laughing:

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It was pretty fun. It was one of these times where I’m pretty sure I’d watched it before, but didn’t remember a fair bit of it. I was partially watching it because I really hadn’t watched any TOS in forever, and I also kinda wanted to see original Pike in action after being used to Anson Mount in the role…

Hmm. It made me think of this:

This badge should now be live… let me know when you earn it!

(Even if you already qualify for it, badges are currently only checked each time you do an action on the site - I will soon be fixing this if I can work out the best, most efficient way, short of checking everyone once a day…)

I think it should be for people who’ve seen and read it all. Which means I’ll never personally get it. Ha. Nice reward for the completionists though!