My thoughts about the new season (occasional spoilers, read only if you have watched the episodes)

So, it is finally here. The Series 14, the 40th season or… I’m not calling it Season 1, don’t even dream about it.

And overall I would rate this series as… ok.
Ncuti and Millie did a great job as their respective characters but… yeah, the season isn’t the best and has problems.

Here’s my quick rundown of my thoughts about the episodes.

The Church on Ruby Road - 7,5/10
A really really nice episode. A good opening adventure for the Fifteenth Doctor and a nice introduction for Ruby Sunday.
However, the rating would’ve been way higher if the editor and camera operator knew that they were doing. I felt a little disoriented.

Space Babies - 5/10
insert Samuel Jackson here “SAY SPACE BABIES ONE MORE TIME I DARE YOU!”
It was just an ok story with a pretty disgusting plot twist that is meant to be funny? Uh…
Also, I actually almost felt dizzy because camera operator and editor forgot how to do their job.

The Devil’s Chord - 6,5/10
I like the idea, I LOVE Maestro, I LOVE that that camera work and editing are now fixed.
However, the ending felt a little rushed and out of nowhere, and it’s sad that we probably won’t see Maestro again.

Boom - 6,5/10
LOVE the idea, don’t like the Deus Ex Machina and the whole “Power of Love” ending. It’s overdone and feels forced here. And it’s sad, because it goes down in the last 15 minutes of the episode, while the first 30 minutes are a bloody masterpiece.

73 Yards - 6,5/10
Similar story. LOVE the idea, hate the ending. It was just really strange and out of nowhere. Yet, again, without the ending the story is a bloody masterpiece. But yeah… whatever that was…

Dot and Bubble - 6,8/10
Despite initally not liking the ending, I actually grew fond of it. I still have problems with it, but overall a really nice episode with a great idea. But I wish we had more time to explore the villains though.

Rogue - 6/10
insert Samuel Jackson here again “SAY BRIDGERTON ONE MORE TIME I DARE YOU!”
Like the idea, hate the, you guessed it, the ending.
The romantic line between Rogue and the Doctot felt really forced and undeveloped. And the villains, who at first felt imposing, later became a cheap Players knockoff that at some point contradicts itself.
Honestly, go read Players, I can’t recommend that book enough. You won’t loose much if you read that book instead of watching Rogue. Well, except for the explosion of homophobic asses)))))

The Legend of Ruby Sunday - 7,5/10
Not without little problems here and there, but overall a great setup. And it makes sense, works perfectly, and gives everyone time to shine. One of my favourite cliffhangers.
A breath of fresh air.

Empire of Death - 6/10
Yeah… that was… yeah…
Once again, the first half of the story is a bloody masterpiece, how you actually feel that the main antagonist has won.
But then… it just gets undone? I seriously don’t understand now.
Gabriel Woolf did an amazing job a Sutekh, like he is 90 years old and he sounds incredible!
But then… all that Sutekh did just gets undone. Come on, RTD! I know you are better than this!
But I LOVED the Ruby Sunday finale. Some may have problems with it, but I loved that outcome.


Haha my feelings exactly. I’d say “15’s first season” or just “the new season” but not Season 1. Never. Just doesn’t sound right.