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Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve been a huge fan of Doctor Who ever since I began fully watching in 2010, with Series 5. My granddad was the one who got me into the show, with me occasionally watching bits and pieces of previous series’ before fully getting into the show. I remember before The Eleventh Hour, I watched The Lazarus Experiment as my first ever episode. Due to this, while recognising its flaws, I do hold a soft spot for it!

As I became more and more invested in the show, I branched out into other areas of Doctor Who media around 2018, with things such as Big Finish (which I am now an avid fan of). I can also thank Big Finish for sparking my love and adoration for the Sixth Doctor, who is almost certainly my number one favourite incarnation alongside both the Thirteenth and Twelfth Doctors.

I think my favourite classic serial is, as basic as it may seem, The Curse of Fenric. While I think that most fan favourite stories are a little overhyped (my most controversial being Genesis of the Daleks), I genuinely believe that Curse of Fenric deserves such a title. It’s genuinely a gripping story, and is always a breeze to sit through!

My favourite New Who story is slightly more difficult for me to pinpoint than my Classic one, but I think ultimately it needs to go to Hell Bent. I have a lot of adoration for that story, and just love how it all ties together Clara’s ending into a bittersweet tale.

My favourite Big Finish audio currently is the recently released The Queen of Clocks. It’s genuinely a classic, and I would urge everyone to listen to it when/if possible.

My favourite Big Finish team is Flip & Constance too. They’re a very versatile and dynamic team, with both coming from completely separate backgrounds which makes moral dilemmas more fascinating within their stories as they each take their approach wildly differently from one another; a WREN from the 1940s, and a young cashier from the 21st century.

I think that’s about all I can think of right now, but thank you for reading my yapping :sob:


welcome to the ‘Genesis of the Daleks is overrated’ club :rofl: we recently had a big discussion where many of us also concluded that!


You have good taste! (Click my avatar haha).

I enjoyed that one, too. I didn’t think I would, but it turned out to be an entertaining story.

When people talk about their favorite TARDIS teams of three or more people, this is my answer. Six, Flip, and Constance are excellent together. I also like how one is carefree and exuberant and the other is more buttoned-up, instead of two companions with similar backgrounds and personalities. They play off each other well.

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Welcome to the forum @maxy0419 - good to have you here (even if sentences like ‘I became a fan because my grandad introduced me to it’ make some of us feel really really old!)


Welcome! Wow, the Lazarus Experiment - I think if that had been my first story it might have put me off a bit :sweat_smile:

I’ve not heard The Queen of Clocks but appreciate the recommendation, I’m sure I’ll get around to it at some point :smile:

Also not had the delight of meeting Flip and Constance yet. Slowly going through the Main Range!


Welcome to the forum! I’m not familiar with The Queen of Clocks, which range is that? And I’m still hoping to listen to more Constance and Flip audios, that’s a part of Sixie’s Big Finish era I’m not very well versed in!

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It’s included in the newest Classic Doctors: New Monsters set.

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Thanks, I just realized this myself, because I started listening to this set today :laughing: