My favourite Classic Serials for every season! (For now)

Since I’ve watched by now over half of the Classic era, I wanted to make a “little” list of my favourite serial for every season I watched. Here we go!

  • Season 1: The Aztecs

  • Season 2: The Romans

  • Season 3: The Myth Makers & The Daleks’ Master Plan

  • Season 4: The Tenth Planet & The Macra Terror

  • Season 5: The Enemy of the World

  • Season 6: The War Games

  • Season 7: Inferno

  • Season 8: The Daemons

  • Season 9: Day of the Daleks

  • Season 10: The Three Doctors

  • Season 11: Invasion of the Dinosaurs

  • Season 12: Genesis of the Daleks

  • Season 13: Pyramids of Mars & The Brain of Morbius

  • Season 14: The Face of Evil & The Deadly Assassin

  • Season 15: The Sun Makers

  • Season 16 (Currently watching): The Pirate Planet

So…What do you think?


That’s a solid list. I agree with most of it.

Have you had any favourite companions?

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Oh, quite a few! For example, for the Fourth Doctor I loved Leela! I also had a soft spot for Susan.


Leela is great…for reasons.

Some of my early favourites are Vicki, Barbara, Sarah Jane.


I see you are a chad Myth Makers enjoyer, very respectable list too

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See, I completely respect your picks but I almost completely disagree :rofl: Pyramids and Inferno, yes, and maybe The Daemons, but yeah, my faves are totally different

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No accounting for taste :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

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Tenth Planet is rarely being talked of outside of regeneration, but it was easily top 3 Hartnell the first time I watched it, such a good serial.

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Very good reasons, too. Leela was from a primitive tribe, but the far future on a different planet, she’s ignorant, but highly intelligent, and needs to be persuaded that the best solution is not killing someone. She was really pretty high up there for interesting characters to become a companion…


Yeah. Besides, the Cybermen are my favourite monsters (And by looking at your profile picture, I take that you like them, too)

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That’s a pretty good list and, surprising myself mainly, I agree with quite a few picks - definitely The Aztecs, The Romans, The Enemy of the World, Inferno and Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

You can keep your Genesis and Masterplan though. Overblown (and over-exposed in the case of Genesis) Daleks stories do nothing for me.


I like them when they are well used, which unfortunately is rather rare.
This particular picture is from audio adventure Scourge of the Cybermen, which is one of my fav stories in the entire whoniverse.

Well, you got some right, some wrong…

Just kidding, while some of your picks match the ones I’d make and others don’t, none of them are wrong.

I’m glad you’re finding so much to like.


It’s a good, solid list! While I may not agree with some placement (I would have a hard time to decide my favorites for each classic season anyway) I will say I can see all of them pretty well (besides maybe tenth planet, but I am glad you enjoyed it a lot!)