Michael Sheard - guest star legend!

Audio Club has hit The Stones of Venice which sees Michael Sheard’s final appearance in the Whoniverse, as Duke Orsino.


But before this audio appearance, Michael had the distinction of being a guest actor who spanned the entire classic series from Hartnell to McCoy - clocking up six guest appearances.

Best known for his appearance in Pyramids of Mars as Laurence Scarman, his first appearance was as Rhos in The Ark. Skipping the Troughton era he then returned as Dr Summers in The Mind of Evil. After Pyramids he returned in Season 15 in the role of Lowe in The Invisible Enemy before welcoming Peter Davison to the role of the Doctor as Mergrave in Castrovalva.

His final appearance in the TV show was as the Dalek-controlled Headmaster of Coal Hill School in Remembrance of the Daleks.

And, of course, to UK TV viewers of a certain age he will forever be Danny Kendall’s nemesis and scourge of secondary school pupils everywhere in the classic children’s drama Grange Hill where he played deputy head Mr Bronson.

Famously, he has also played Adolf Hitler more than once including in The Tomorrow People and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

He was also a lovely man in real life with many a story to tell at conventions.

What is your favourite Michael Sheard character?

Obviously Laurence Scarman is wonderful in Pyramids, but for me it is Mergrave in Castrovalva that I love the most (and I’m still hurting that the story has been knocked out of the Elimination Game).


That scene where he signs Indy’s book not realizing its significance in the Last Crusade was the stuff of legends.


Pyramids all the way for me, I absolutely adore that episode, and Scarman is an incredibly compelling character


He was also Admiral Ozzel (the one Vader relieves of command) in Empire Strikes Back.