Memory TARDIS ideas

The memory TARDIS is a wonderful concept though it is a bit vague what it really is and can do. It is fun coming up with ideas for which stories can be told here. What would you like to see in the future? I’ll start:

This could be a really fun setup for a multi-Doctor story where they playfully bicker about what happened in “The Five Doctors”, any incarnation could fit and Peter Davison could get annoyed and go “You weren’t there!” at them :grin:

A bit out of the Tales of the TARDIS concept this could also provide a setup where the 13th Doctor and Karvanista recover the memories of the Fugitive Doctor - new stories could be told with the lovely Jo Martin along with that loveable, if slightly sarcastic, Karvanista by her side. Now that’s a spin-off I would like to see!
(And yes I’ve thought about the memory TARDIS too much the past few days :wink:…)


I would love one with Karvanista.

My eldest also loved Vinder and Bel, so the three of them would be good - although frankly they deserve their own spin off.

Jericho reappearing in the memory TARDIS would be good too.

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Or any Doctor telling Kate Stewart tales about her father.

Both Osgoods fangirling over stories they found in UNIT files. Could add Shirley Bingham :slightly_smiling_face:

One more with the 6th Doctor and Peri the Warrior Queen where they watch “The Twin Dilemma” and the Doctor reacting to what he did to Peri.


My suggestion for the Memory Tardis would be to show the Tales of the Tardis outside the UK. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hard agree :grin: