Media Adaptations vs New Stories (or Both)

Would you like to have more adaptations of older stories or do you prefer new stories only? Like, should they continue to novelize the New Series TV stories? Or make more novel/comic adaptations for audio? I’d kinda like to comic adaptations or novelizations of audio stories. That said, if I had to choose, I’d want new original stories (in any medium).


I’m so stoked for the upcoming adaptation of Goth Opera (Big Finish do Blood Harvest next challenge???) - I would love it if we could keep getting audio adaptations of some of the novels, I find it interesting to see what they change when swapping medium.


Generally speaking I’d rather new stories. Novelisations don’t hugely interest me, any more, particularly if they are just a prose version of what is on screen. Full cast adaptations of novels are fun though.


Novelizations of New Who stories—not really. They are so easily accessible, and I don’t think novelizations necessarily add anything to them (The Giggle is the only one of the 60th novelizations I’d consider reading again instead of watching the episode). That being said, I don’t mind if they keep novelizing some of the key stories from the new series.

Audio adaptations of original novels—this would be neat, as a lot of the 90s and 00s novels are hard or impossible to come by these days, and this would be a great way to resurrect them for a new (and old) audience.

Comic adaptations of any story—I love comics; give me more comics and adapt them all!


I’d want original stories in Audio form the most. Adaptations from one medium to another is great, and I won’t turn my nose up to them, but adapting can be hit and miss. Novelisations I don’t mind as much but that is becuase they can add extra dimensions by POV/deleted scenes etc.

Overall though they can give me whatever and I’ll consume what seems the most interestinng.

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