Love and monsters is a good episode

apart from the absorbalof and the sketchy ending following elton was a good story and it was interesting to see him from his perspective get closer to Jackie and then she realises hes a weirdo. I have worded this badly have fun debating


Well, I rated it 4/5 so I agree with you.

I think Love & Monsters (the only use of an ampersand in an episode title, I believe) is a great episode. We all know fans like Victor…


I find it to be good little episode, Jackie is a treat in it and L.I.N.D.A is a fun group. It is interesting to see the Doctor from an outsider’s viewpoint, much like Torchwood’s “Random Shoes”. The monster design choices made does drag it down a bit and quite frankly that line about Elton and Ursula’s relationship is just wrong on so many levels… how on earth did that not get scrapped in editing


I genuinely love the episode. It just feels so fun, and LINDA is such a wonderful found family, I remember my sister being stunned when rewatching with her after I told her this was one of the most hated episodes. People just keep bringing up the one line, but apart from that the entire episode is a joy from start to finish for me personally.

The idea of a group of people that come together to investigate the Doctor that end up caring more about each other than what they’re originally out to do, is just such a nice story. I love every character in it, and I don’t know how people have such animosity for it. It was such a nice change of pace. Though almost all of them dying does bring it down a bit…


The one line is unfortunate and really should have been cut, but as you say, the rest of the episode is joyous.

I especially like the recreation of previous episodes from Elton’s point of view and would have loved more of that if budget had allowed.

It would be a bit like dismissing all of The Caves of Androzani because of the rubbish Magma Beast.


In general I will always prefer a doctor who story that tries to do something interesting and ends up with a messy execution versus a story that’s boring. Say what you want about love and monsters, but it’s definitely not boring


I think it’s a good episode, too.

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Conceptually good idk about execution its a weird one. Random Shoes from Torchwood however has the same vibes with it focusing on some other guy but that one I think is a 10/10