Live chat for new episodes

I was thinking of having a live chat channel for when the new episodes air - I miss the “tweet alongs” people did (as I’ve left the cess pit that is X/Twitter), it can be a lot of fun.

It would be a separate chat channel that would be opt-in, so no spoilers in your face.

I think it would happen at the time of the BBC One broadcast, not at midnight.

What do you think? Good idea?


What time is the BBC 1 airing? So that those of us in America can calculate when to potentially join in.

As fun an idea as that is I don’t know how much use it would get with the dropping on Iplayer first strategy.

The functionality could be utilised for other watchalongs though so I don’t see an issue with building it

It doesn’t have to be your first viewing. In fact, I like my first viewing to concentrate and not read stuff. So we could do it at a completely different time, that’s fine.

I think it would be 6pm or 7pm GMT?

A lot of our users are from USA anyway (44% of our visitors are from the USA. There are more visits from Denmark than the UK!) so it probably doesn’t make sense to time it for the UK.


The three 60th specials were at 10:30am my time. The midnight iPlayer drop means a 4pm drop on Friday for me. And I agree that I wouldn’t want the initial viewing to be at the same time as the live chat.

I like the idea that this is for the second watch. Maybe on Sunday after the episode. If I can choose the time it would be like 20 cet after I have put the kids to bed but I understand that this can’t be set to my schedule :joy:

Sunday sounds good, but I’m busy in the morning (Pacific Time - USA).

Does this forum have dynamic timestamps?
if so, for other people, 6pm GMT would be <t:1715446800:F>

Ah, it doesn’t, lmao

I definitely wouldn’t/couldn’t do it for the live broadcast (and yes, I’m waiting till the proper airing - none of this iplayer nonsense ;))

Could be up for a rewatch but I imagine finding a time that suits everyone will be nigh on impossible.

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I won’t even be in the UK when it airs, so I’ll have to pick a time when I’m free and watch it on Disney+ in a hotel room, so the live chat isn’t even for my benefit (I don’t have to be part of it, would just enjoy reading it)

(and yes I know, first world problems…)

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