Kaldor City Discussion

Over the past month and a half or so I’ve been listening to the Kaldor City series from Magic Bullet Productions. I understand that it’s a pretty niche series as far as the wider world of Doctor Who spin-offs go so it’s not surprising that I’ve been struggling to find people who talk about it online. I’m creating this thread mostly because I want to know what other people who have listened to it think of it. I want to know your opinion, what did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it? How do you feel about it on a critical level? And, if you’ve listened to both, how does it compare with the Big Finish spin-off The Robots? I just want to see if there’s a common consensus about it.

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I’ve not listened to it, unfortunately, but just wanted to add this link so people can see what this is about:


It’s been years since I listened to the Kaldor City audios but my memory is of a solid, entertaining range which builds very well on the titbits of information we get from The Robots of Death.

With the series also crossing over with Blakes 7 (Is Kaston Iago, Avon undercover?) and also becoming a sequel to Image of the Fendahl, it’s a good piece of how a spin off in the Whoniverse can take disparate elements and weave it’s own unique tale.

It has an excellent cast - Paul Darrow, Scott Fredericks (reprising his role as Carnell from B7), Peter Miles, Trevor Cooper, Brian Croucher, Peter Tuddenham, Nicholas Courtney and, reprising their original Robots roles, Russell Hunter and David Collings. It’s even got Jasmine Breaks, the girl from Remembrance of the Daleks and Gregory de Polnay as a new Voc robot.

I haven’t got hold of Big Finish’s The Robots yet but I’m becoming a big Liv fan so it may well creep up the list.

Kaldor City is definitely a series I think I need to revisit.

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If this thread has piqued people’s interest, the CDs and now downloads are still available to purchase from Magic Bullet: