Jenny - the Doctor's Daughter

New adventures announced


Is the range any good?
I haven’t listened to any of them and never really felt the need to

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I have listened to the first box and I thought it was fun.


Hoping fans of her series enjoy. It’s not a spin-off I’ve ever dippped in to nor have I really wanted to but I enjoyed her in The Artist at the End of Time.

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I listened to some of the original when it first came out. It’s a lot of fun. Not the deepest or most groundbreaking, but if you want to spend a couple of hours listening to something, then I’d recommend.

I’m excited for this. Georgia is an underrated actor.

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I enjoyed that one too. Was also nice seeing Colin Baker as the Curator.

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That’s just their generic placeholder for releases which fit under their ‘Worlds of Doctor Who’ banner (allthough it’s actually from the special release they did years ago with four stories - one with J&L, one with the UNIT Vault, one with Counter Measures and one with Gallifrey (and added Colin, of course).


huh whoops, nevermind, didn’t know this, ignore me then lmao

Here’s the original :smiley:


Honestly, I’m not really sure how I feel about this.

I think it would be fair to say that BigFinish have gone a bit spin-off mental in recent years, and some of them just looked like blatant cash grabs.

  • Lady Christina
  • The Paternoster Gang
  • Tales From New Earth
  • The Churchill Years

All spin-off series that I had pretty low expectations of going into them. I’ll hold my hands up and say that ‘Lady Christina’ really surprised me (there is so much they can do with the character, like have the bus modified so it fly through time and have her ladyship go on temporal heists) but I was proven right about the other three.

The Doctor’s Daughter series was another one where I was just like “yeah, whatever”, but decided to give it a chance after Christina wowed me.

I come to regret that decision when I reached episode three.

‘Neon Reign’ was an absolute and categorical train wreck. Genuinely shocked BigFinish even approved it the quality was so low.

The other three episodes in the first set were alright - nout special - but just middle of the road.

Don’t know if it’s worth me giving this third set a try and seeing if my look will improve.

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What I love about the expanded universe is that, if something is not for you that’s okay because there are probably 5 other things that are.