I've started watching Classic Who now

Started watching Classic Who from the very beginning due to this website being such a great incentive. Can’t say how much I love this site. I’ve seen some episodes from when they aired on the Horror channel in 2014. I was ill with a sick bowl but my dad would just make me watch classic who as I suffered. I also used to watch Genesis of The Daleks and the Peter Cushing movies on repeat in my bedroom. But that’s as far as I got really.
(Though I do have a core memory of being absolutely terrified of the black floating 2D triangle in The Five Doctors)

I never would’ve have taken the dive though had it not been for this website too, and I love all the lil statistics, idk I’m just a sucker for stats. And yeah, I stalk other ppls profiles to compare :triumph::triumph:

And personally, I think you all are so critical of the Whoniverse! (/Hj)


As you finish each story, you’ll have to tell us all about in the TV Club.


At the rate I go through stories, I’d just be spamming chats atp :sob:


Not at all, that’s what these Club threads are for. There’s no time limit on commenting. The basic idea is a dedicated place to talk about a particular story. In the TV Club, we’re currently on Reign of Terror for Classic and a new Classic thread drops every other Monday (we’re alternating between Classic and Modern).


Glad you’re enjoying the site and that it’s motivating you!

I first built it because I was watching them all too, in order!

I have loads more stats planned but just haven’t gotten around to doing those yet. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see!


I’m also doing my first watch through of classic who right now, I’ve been at it for a bit though and am up to the third doctor at this point. Love tracking my progress on this site, my brain just goes ‘brrr’ at all the graphs and statistics. Hope you have fun!


I’ve been watching through Classics for the first time since November when they went up on iPlayer and I’ve only made it to Doctor number Two so far :joy: I’m really enjoying it!


I honestly believe the best way to watch Doctor Who is in order from the beginning. I know it’s not for everyone but you get a much deeper understanding of the evolution of the show.

Plus there’s the dizziness when you look back. For example, Tomb of the Cybermen is nothing like The Aztecs whatsoever but you don’t necessarily notice such sharp differences while you’re watching, you’re just watching the show.

I love doing it and have become unnecessarily strict with myself not to watch Doctor Who out of order unless a new episode airs. It means stories, including personal favourites, have to ‘wait their turn’ and it becomes event when their turn comes.

Really glad you’re enjoying it so far!


I totally agree! I love Who Lore almost as much as Who so I like to see the development of the story. I did however break my policy to watch a classic episode in preparation for a current episode recently, but I plan on rewatching it when I get back up to it in my Classics watch


I think both ways have merit. I’m doing a chronological rewatch with my eldest but I’m also loving watching episodes using a randomiser.


I’m more or less always somewhere on a chronological rewatch, but I won’t let that stop me from watching a random episode here and there


Hope you enjoy your watch! Looking forward to see/read some of your takes of those classic!

I feel personally attacked ):< Kidding, although sometimes I am probably a bit too critical (then again I tend to rate in extremes usually).