It's about time I introduced myself

Hello! I’m Ollie (they/them) and I’ve been active here for a while but never made an introduction post. Now I finally made myself a profile picture, so I think this is probably a good time to do so.

I’ve watched Doctor Who consistently since about 2008, though there have been times where I was more or less into it. The latest bout of hyperfixation came about after watching all of Torchwood in four days in July of last year. I’m currently making my way through the classic show, and I’m hoping to finish it this year.

My favourite Doctor is (currently) Eight, though I could probably make a whole tier list. My favourite episodes are highly controversial, as Cyberwoman is definitely in the top three, and The Rings of Akhaten is somewhere up there too.

I’m a freelance artist so I spend a lot of time drawing, which has given me ample opportunities for audio listening. I’m also a prolific fanfiction writer. And finally, my brand new profile picture:

Warning: blood!

Happy to be here!


An official welcome @uss-genderprise - although I’ve probably already done that and have definitely been enjoying our interactions. That’s a cool avatar - it reminds me of the original Nyssa illustration for the Goth Opera cover which got vetoed.


Welcome! (?) You’re very talented - that drawing is amazing! It would be great to see you share more of your stuff!


Thank you! I haven’t draw a lot of Doctor Who things yet, so I don’t currently have anything else to share, but when I do I will.


Welcome @uss-genderprise!


Welcome! I have commissioned Ollie a couple of times so far, they created an amazing banner which I haven’t had time to put on the homepage yet but you can see a sneak preview of it on my profile page. It’s going to go on the homepage and have the animated logo there, like 15 is holding it up in awe. It’s an amazing work!

They also created the icons for the Trust Levels on here!

Glad to have you here!