Is publishing fan fiction allowed here?

I’m planning to write a short story series with the Doctor, who doesn’t receive enough attention despite being really interesting in my opinion - the Richard Grant’s Ninth Doctor.
Is it ok if I share it here or it’s not allowed?


Absolutely you can share your fan fiction here but there is a fan media area Fan Media - TARDIS Guide Forum which is the best place to put it.

I’d be intrigued to see some more adventures for the Grant Doctor as Scream of the Shalka was such an odd little beast.


Probably the best plan would be to publish it on an actual fanfiction site, like , and then post about it with a link in the Fan Media section, as you’ll get more readers that way.


Yeah I’d agree with this, other sites are better suited to hosting your fanfiction, but once you’ve written it, posting it over here is defintiely encouraged!


Okey dokey, thanks!

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