Is Doctor Who Transgender Now? - Video Essay

Verilybitchie just released a new video on transness in Doctor Who, their videos are always great, and their last video on doctor who (about feminism in doctor who) was also really good, highly reccomend giving both a watch


I loved this video! verilybitchie is one of my favorite video essayists, i think her analysis is always spot on. I really like their video on Commodifying Bi Validation and the one on how Good Representation is Boring, really interesting, insightful, and funny essays. I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of doctor who video essays I particularly like, and if i do i’m sure it’ll be at least 40% her stuff lol


i’ll have to bookmark this thread for when i actually watch the video. i love verilybitchie, she changed my whole perspective on doctorrose.


oh i LOVED this… everything she said about the costuming were just about my thoughts exactly, costuming is SO important to characterization and really deserves a lot more consideration than i think it gets sometimes. also cheered when they brought up Jadzia Dax lol. since i’ve been doing my first for-real watch of DS9 i think that Dax is almost exactly what a really well executed Genderful Doctor would be written like… somebody who continues to be the things they were while also being who they are now, without the two cancelling each other out, but still occasionally coming into conflict. Dax is 20-something year old woman but she’s still a ‘father’ and ‘Old Man’. she makes me so happy…what a wonderful character

i REALLY loved her previous essay about RTD and bi rep, it gave me a new appreciation for the characterization in Nine/Ten’s era. huge respect for people writing representation that isn’t “good representation”, and i really love hearing about his commitment to writing about gay men in Queer as Folk that weren’t ‘respectable’, and who fell into stereotypes the way real life people do all the time.