'Iris Wildthyme, Series One' REVIEWED!

I’ve previously mentioned that I migrated to TARDIS Guide from the site that shall not be named, which means I’ve got a fair few old reviews to transfer over…

646 specifically. Not looking forward to how long that’s gonna take :joy: but it gives me a chance to improve the format of my old review and go over any spelling and grammar errors.

My Iris Wildthyme: Series One reviews are now up on TARDIS Guide for your enjoyment (and I took on board the critique about the extra spoiler warning).

‘Wildthyme at Large’:

‘The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme’:


Interesting reviews. It’s been ages since I listened to these but I do seem to remember they’re not as good as Iris’s series becomes later.

Ortis Deeley (Tom) was better know as a presenter on CBBC and it does seem that the majority of his career has been in presenting.

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OK, that makes a lot more sense as to why his acting was so wooden.

Very obviously a pilot to the range, but the step-up in quality from Series Two alone was gargantuan. Stories like ‘The Two Irises’ have me giggling constantly.


Personally I prefer the first episode to the second, but I generally agree with all your points - I adore my Aunty Iris and some of the stories later are utterly brilliant. Series 1 definitely is shakier than any of the others, and probably one I wouldn’t choose to listen to often, but I am glad it blossomed into the rest of the Iris range