Hi, I’m LJC (he/him)
I’ve been watching doctor who since I was six, starting with the eleventh hour, my favourite part of doctor who are the speeches, they give me chills every time and my favourite doctor is a tie between eleven and twelve, and my favourite companion is Sarah Jane. Currently I’ve been trying to watch classic who and listen to a few big finishes here and there but studying for this year and next year to get into uni will take up most of my life until 2026 but as much as I can. Right I don’t know how to finish this so there will be an abrupt stop now :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @pickytugboat951 - good to have you here.

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Welcome! Sarah Jane is one of my favourites too! I listened to wayyy too much BF when I was at uni :sweat_smile: looking forward to seeing you around!

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

We had a conversation about speeches a couple months back if you want to share your thoughts there!

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