Introduction innit

Hi there, I originally planned on just lurking and popping in from time to time as I have been the past few weeks, but now reviews are a thing I figured I should do this so I can get verified and use them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m JustAsPlanned, I’ve been a doctor who fan for literally as long as I can remember (one of my first memories is watching silence in the library) and my favourite doctors are 3, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14. I despise Kerblam! and adore The Happiness Patrol. I’m currently making my way through 8’s Big Finish run and loving it too. I’m sure there are other vaguely interesting things I can tell you all but I’ll leave it here for now


Welcome! I’ve verified you. Looking forward to reading your reviews!

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Welcome. Looking forward to reading your reviews and please join our discussions as well. Always fun to get one more opinion :heart_eyes:

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Welcome. We hit the Eighth Doctor in the Audio Club at the end of the month with Storm Warning and Sword of Orion. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

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Build high for happiness friend. Welcome to the forum

EDIT: so embarrassing to get the wrong happiness quote

Paradise Towers supremacy forever

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Welcome to the forum @JustAsPlanned . Good to have you here.

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Welcome! Happiness Patrol supremacy forever <3


Well, one could say this didn’t go quite as planned!

Okay, I’ll see myself out…

I’m also on an 8th Doctor marathon, and it’s been a fun ride so far!

Anyway, have a warm welcome and hope you enjoy your time with us!


Happiness Will Prevail :+1:


Heyo, welcome to the forum!!