Introduction, hallo

Hi folks, been using this site for a bit but haven’t really used the forum. I’m 21, been a fan since childhood, got introduced to DW through School Reunion of all things. Somewhat of a completionist, for the last 3 years I’ve been watching all of Classic, and finished it just 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve also been listening to 1 Main Range story per day, though I’ve been familiar with Big Finish for years now.

My fav Doctor is Pertwee, though I find that my taste often go against the general fandom consensus. I thought that The Twin Dilemma was great for example, lol.

P.S. Hey is there any chance we could get username change feature? That would be great :melting_face::+1:


Welcome to the forum @woodvale - good to have you here. Well done for completing the classic series - did you manage the recons for the missing episodes?

We’re currently running through the Big Finish Main Range stories in our Audio Club which is free for all to enter and join in (the Club bit is just a bit of fun branding :slight_smile: ).

Hope to see you in other threads.

Paging @shauny our esteemed creator about the username change.


Hi and welcome. I also just finished my first classic completion. Hope to here from you in all our different discussions and Clubs :slight_smile:



I did wonder about your username when I saw it lol, thought it was a bot or did your cat wander over your screen? :laughing:

I’ll message you about a name change… it’s not a simple thing.


I watched animations when available (except for The Web of Fear), so yes and no. But in the general sense yes, I’ve seen all of classic now, including missing 60s stories.

Yeah I know, I joined in with The Holy Terror :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome to the forums!!


Do go back and add your thoughts to the previous releases - there’s no statute of limitations and we’d love to read your thoughts.


I’ve found most of it to be pretty meh at this point to be honest. Standouts for me so far included:

  • The Fearmonger
  • The Fires of Vulcan
  • The Holy Terror
  • Sword of Orion

Really don’t have much to say about the others. I have thought about trying to catch up to the Book Club with VNAs though.


You’ve definitely picked out some good ones there. Whispers of Terror is also great, IMO. And The Marian Conspiracy and The Spectre of Lanyon Moor give us the marvellous Evelyn and a couple of solid, exciting stories to boot.