Intro to me. Also, Hello

Hi all,

My name is CJ. I’ve been a Who fan since UKTV Gold would have full serials on the weekend. Taped many full serials from there. Read a load of the books in the late 90s, early 00s. Listened to Big Finish since New Who started. Mainly to get my fix of Classic Who. Kinda fallen off the show from the end of Capaldis run. Can’t really get into current interation.

Currently listening to BF when at work (mostly nights in my own) and watching Classic Who with my partner who hasn’t seen any of it. Mixed in with Anime this is mainly what we are watching.

I’m in my late 30s from England. Any pronouns.

If anyone has any questions I’ll answer them if I feel comfortable.



Welcome CJ!

Hopefully you’ll get into the new series when it starts but if not there’s a mountain of Big Finish to enjoy - what have been your favourite sets, favourite Doctors to listen to?

I wish my partner would watch Doctor Who with me but he just doesn’t like it :disappointed_relieved:



Bradley 1st Doc is great, not a fan of Noonan. Missy has been fun but a little hit and miss for me. Like New Adventures of Benny with Unbound Doc. Really fun stories. 10th Doc stories have been good. Hope we get more.

TV wise my favs are 3rd Doc (inferno being a fav) and 11th.

Book wise I remeber loving the New Adventures series. I know I’ve read them all but it nearly 2 decades ago.



We are reading the New Series Adventures books in the Book Club - it’s the first time for me.

If your favourite is the Eleventh Doctor, I recommend the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles set (starting with Geronimo) - it’s not Matt Smith but an excellent impression by Jacob Dudman, and some very highly rated stories. I’m currently listening and really enjoying them.


If you like 11, then the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles is definitely worth picking up. Start with Volume 3, 11 gets a new companion and get essentially a whole season arc through the next three boxsets. Also Dudman does an excellent Matt Smith impression.


I’ve heard a couple of the short trips with Dudman playing 11 and 12. His 11 is good but his 12 is… :smiling_face_with_tear: these box sets are on my to listen to list but I’ve got Dalek Empire and Classic Doctors, New Monsters to get through first. I’m trying to go through some of the older, more standalone stuff when at work so the up to date stuff can be fresher as I’m picking up new stuff.


Welcome @ItsR0b0tNinja - good to have you here.

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Welcome to the forum! F***ing hell, UKTVGold has uncovered what is essentially a British cultural memory - being a child flicking through Freeview late at night and being exposed to basically every comedy from the 80s to the 2000s through UKGold, before the panel shows swallowed it up.

Also the more 3rd Doctor fans around here the better in my opinion.

I used to have UKGold on all the time. Just watchign old stuff that i eaither watched as a young’un or missed completly.