International Merchandise + Figures

I was just wondering that seeing how other countries sometimes get Merchandise that we don’t get here in the UK, are there any plans to add those to the collection section?

On top of that, the same question for Doctor Who figures, I understand that due to the sheer amount of Doctor Who toys out there that this would be a slow undertaking but would these eventually be added to the collection section?

Yes I plan to add everything that I can find info about into the collectables section.

But it’s kind of taken a back seat at the moment which is why it’s a bit bare. I’m concentrating on Stories first as that’s the main feature of the site.

If you’d like to suggest the next collectable section - maybe figures - I can see if anyone can help collate all the info!


Yeah, that’s completely understandable, was just curious and then went on the Discord and found that you had a list of stuff you planned to add and figures was on there. That’ll teach me for not looking for the information :sweat_smile:

I’m not entirely sure on how to track down every Doctor Who toy but, this website has a catalogue of every Character Options figure, fully upto date that would at least help keep an easy track of that.

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Thanks for that link - really useful. I’ve written to James who created the site asking if we can collaborate - maybe he can provide a spreadsheet of what he has so far, and I can add links to his site for more information on all the toys.