Interludes 2024 Announced

Just announced: The 2024 Big Finish Interlude stories featuring some surprising returnees!


How do you access the one for The Quin Dilemma? It’s not showing up in my account next to Quin, and it wasn’t as best I could tell, in the downloaded Quin files.

It’s not out yet. This is what they say on the site: “Details of how to download this story will follow in April”.

Okay, I missed that part. I just saw the it comes with Quin Dilemma part.

Highlights for people too lazy to read:

The Ultimate Poe by Andrew Collins will be released next month attached to The Quin Dilemma
Meanwhile, Turlough by Jonathan Blum (!!!) attached to Dream Team
Fond Memories by Allison Lawson attached to The Last Day (Part 2)

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Has anyone listened to any of these yet? And how are they? (Yes, I know the last one isn’t out til June.)

I’ve listened to The Ultimate Poe. I might have different thoughts about it when I listen to it again, but on first impression, I didn’t meet expectations. It’s the best Sixth Doctor interlude they’ve released yet, but, considering the competition, that’s not saying much.


I listened to the Ultimate Poe also and I literally could not tell you what it was about :person_shrugging: I think I thought it was okay, but it was pretty forgettable


It makes me wonder what happened to the original Interlude that was slated for Quin. I wonder if the author of Poe had to dash this out quickly, so there wasn’t much in the way of editing.

(But, again, none of the Interludes I’ve heard have been good)