Interesting Book Stories

Afternoon People.

I’ve been collecting Doctor Who books on-and-off since 2018, but it was only last year that I kicked things into high gear and started pooling all my resources into my collection.

I was wondering if anyone here had any interesting stories of how they got a Doctor Who book?

Like - for example - I actually bought my copy of ‘The Well-Mannered War’ from acclaimed BigFinish writer, Joseph Lidster.


Not anything crazy but I was at an estate sale awhile ago because they had several doctor who comics and magazines and I ran into a guy who was collecting items for his antique mall store. He was very nice and gave me his business card, afterwards I decided to check it out and it turned out to be the same place I had been buying all my doctor who books from for the past couple of years! I don’t see many doctor who fans in my area either so running into him was a really fun coincidence :))