I have found my people! Pleasure to meet you, I'm Ryan

I’m an American who has been in love with Doctor Who since a British librarian at my local public library (who looking back may or may not have been the Curator) gave me a VHS of “Pyramids of Mars” when I asked if they had anything like Star Wars. I became obsessed and he did his best to keep the shelves stocked with as many Doctor Who VHSes, audio dramas, and books he could reasonably get his hands on during the Wilderness Years in the US. Even though the Fourth was my first Doctor, the Eighth Doctor was my Doctor. When the revival series came out in 2005, I was 14 years old and America’s biggest and most insufferable DW evangelist.

When I’m not consuming DW media, I spend my time as a mental health worker who runs personalized D&D games for autistic children and teens that focus on building social, emotional regulation, and decision making skills. I also run a Doctor Who homebrew TTRPG with my friends for fun. (he/him)


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds amazing :+1: Two of my boys have autism and a proclivity for nerd culture and boardgames so I would love to hear more about this :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum. @AutisticDnd My eldest is a massive DnD fan and runs a club at their high school. They are also autistic (as are many of their friends in the club).

Good to have you here.

Welcome! What you do sounds amazing, well done :clap:

And yes we are your people :smile:

Warm welcome from me too! Your work sounds very important and very lovely, which surely makes you a great person!

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