I don’t know how to spoiler tag things here

Hello! I wondered if anyone could inform me on how to create the spoiler blur effect on the forum? I don’t know how it’s done and I’d love to feel freer to participate in discussions which might require such things!


The easiest way is to click the cog and choose “blur spoiler” and then type what you want to say inside the spoiler tags.

You can also click the cog and choose “hide details to do a hide/show thing.

This is a blurred spoiler


This is a hide details thing. You can change the name of it from “Summary” to anything you want.

Let me know if you want me to show you screenshots


I’m trying it out now! Let’s see if it works.Okay, I think I get it! I’m gonna try one other thing to see if I can do it manually as well. I much prefer Russell T Davies’ prose Doctor Who work to his TV Doctor Who work.


Thank you! It looks like I’ve figured it out!