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Hey there, I’m Aleksander! I’m 15 years old and I am a big fan of the show from Croatia and been one since I was born when they first aired S1-7b here!

Since 2019, I’ve also started expanding from the new series, like getting into Classic Who and some expanded media, starting with the animation of The Macra Terror on DVD. And then I bought Genesis of the Daleks as my first Tom Baker story, and the rest is history… (and funnily enough, I mostly prefer Classic Who to New Who nowadays despite certain eras!)

My three favourite Doctors are Sylvester McCoy, Christopher Eccleston and Tom Baker. But honestly, I love every incarnation and what they brought to the table. My favourite stories would be… Remembrance of the Daleks, Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, Genesis of the Daleks, The Green Death, Inferno, The Trial of a Time Lord, Earthshock, Scream of the Shalka and The Evil of the Daleks, to name a few… (again, very indecisive lol)


Welcome to the forum Aleksander. Another young fan to make the rest of us feel ancient!

Good to have you here and there’s some great choices in your favourite stories - Inferno is a top 10 favourite of mine too.

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I am quite surprised in how much old school stuff I enjoy despite my young age. I should be hanging about Instagram or be very modern but nope, I love enjoying a big scarf person fighting out a monster made out of tinfoil or rubber.


Excellent episode picks!! I adore Inferno and Trial and I can recite a lot of Remembrance by heart haha - have you ventured into Big Finish at all? because I can wholeheartedly recommend the Counter-Measures audios, a spin off from Remembrance

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I’m aware of it! I’ve dwelled into some Big Finish, notably the Ninth Doctor Adventures but only Series 1 so far lol, and a few tidbits here and there. I’ve got a list of what I want to listen to but I haven’t either got the motivation or the time lol.

yeah, there is an awful lot of audio to listen to and devastatingly few hours in the day to listen to them :sob:


Welcome! Wow it’s wonderful that you’ve seen so much Classic Who at such a young age. I think I was still watching Power Rangers when I was 15 :sweat_smile:

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I’ve watched Power Rangers until I was 7 or something.

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot because I got bored of the year long waits and Moffat’s run giving me a bad taste despite me enjoying Chibnall’s era a lot at the time (and still do) so I decided to dwell more into the show and I honestly don’t regret it!