I am missing a Pompeii-style episode

I like this season, especially the last two episodes. But I think that it would have been even better if we had a Pompei-style episode between Space Babys and Devil’s Chord. An episode where Ruby would have seen the hard choices of time travel and where the bond between them would be tested (but ultimately strengthened). I think that would have made more sense for the character development between the two episodes.

This might also just be some rambling from me with a fever and a throat that wants to kill me. What do you think?


For sure, we do seem to be missing the big trial episode - The Beast Below, for instance, is Amy’s and that’s episode two. I think it’s why Ruby still feels a little nebulous as a character. Like, I like her, but 73 Yards is the first episode where she feels like she’s had any real agency


I agree. Not to keep going on about this, but it really is a fault of the shorter season. The writers have stories they want to tell but no time to establish the characters.


(Slight spoilers for the first 3 episodes)

I think the fact that she got on top of a roof and grabbed a mysterious ladder, despite there being goblins there, to rescue a baby, was a good “trial” and that’s what first convinced the Doctor she would make a good companion (enough for him to stick around and leave the door unlocked, as a sort of invitation).

Then when she helped save the Space Babies, he was convinced and that’s why he gave her the TARDIS key.

Then in The Devil’s Chord we had her see the consequences of time travel, seeing the ruined London.

Yes a bit rushed, but we only have 8 episodes. Yes I wish there were more. But I do feel Ruby has earned her place!


It is not that she does not earn her place. That she does when grabbing the ladder. It is more that I miss the consequences episode. I don’t really know how to express this. But I think their relationship moved a bit fast between the first two. I also think that it would have made Jinx villain even more terrifying


It will be interesting to see if any of this is developed in the books, depending on when they are set.