How does the Automatic Bumping Work?

How does the Automatic Bumping work? I assume that it bumps a topic after x days of inactivity unless the topic is closed. Are there certain categories that don’t get bumped? I also notice that it’s not a lot of threads at once. Just kind of curious.


I think it’s random selection on topics that get bumped, but not sure

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I’ve set it so it does it in only these categories:

  • TV
  • Audio
  • Books

Just the main categories not the clubs. It bumps one topic per day from each category, unless it is closed. Also I recently changed it to prevent bumping the same topic twice in a row, which we had, so it should leave at least a year after the last bump to re-bump.

I may turn it off if it gets too much, it’s just a fun way of bringing back to life and old topic for new members.