How do you order your BigFinish collection?

I recently pre-ordered the 2025 Classic Doctor bundle from the BigFinish site, and quickly realised that I needed to reorganise my collection so that there would be enough space for said audios when they release.

I then started thinking that there has got to be a better way to organise my collection - order wise.

I know some people do theirs on chronological order - personally think that takes a LOT of dedication and I wouldn’t have the patience - whilst others just do it in order of range.

The major changes I’ve made - not sure if you’ll be able to notice on the photos - is that I’ve got the December Bonus Releases and Companion Chronicles right after the old Monthly Range.

I also completely reorganised the order I had my spin-off ranges in, because I wanted all the Gallifreyan based ranges side-by-side (starting with good Time Lords, then moving into evil ones, and bookended by Dark Gallifrey)

If anyone has any better ideas in terms of how to order a BigFinish collection, please do share, because it’s an organisational nightmare right now.


I don’t have any suggestions I just want to say: WOW! That is an amazing collection.


I love that Pertwee and Sea Devil poster :grin:


I see a secret badge to be earned in the middle of this image.


My collection is entirely digital (and not nearly as large as yours) but I order them by ranges, folders within folders within folders. The audios themselves as sorted within by their number, and I don’t bother to order the folders in any specific way. I think, if I had more than just Eight and Torchwood audios, I would probably order them by Doctor/show and then by range, and then chronologically, but there are probably crossover ranges that would mess with that. In digital you can always just have two copies or a link, which isn’t really an option in physical.


My collection is entirely digital. It’s offline on my home server with iTunes as the frontend. It only takes up a couple of hundred GB.

I am starting to buy BF release from eBay when I see them cheap. I have a half width book case that is empty that they will be on. When that fills up, I will buy more and put them in my spare bedroom. Put a sofa in there and my record player, and make it a nice listening space.

My organisation will be:

-Doctor Who-

  • The Monthly Range
  • Individual Doctor Ranges
  • Series featuring The Doctor (CDNM, Companion Chronicles, Lost Stories, Unbound etc)

-World of Doctor Who-

  • Spinoffs (Benny, Class, Torchwood)
  • Individual spinoff series. (Davros, Dalek Empire, Graceless etc)

-Audio Books-

  • By series


  • everything else audio wise

There is a possibility that I may get bored at some point and order it by release date.


My collection is completely digital - I’ve moved too much for CDs, but I would completely go by range if I had CDs. Probably something like the MR, each Doctor, special one off sets, spinoffs, and I’d probably either do spinoffs alphabetically or by favouritism


Secret badge?


It’s from one of the DW Magazines. Can’t remember which now - think it was the one for ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’ (which is on the other side).


Thank you! Been building it up since 2016.

In that time I have learnt a valuable lesson.

IKEA Gnedby units are a BigFinish collector’s best friend hahaha


There are some badges at that are secret until you unlock them and I see that there is one that you can unlock by rating some of the once in that picture :slight_smile:


Impressive. I am digital only. Can’t imagine having CDs anymore. I do have some of the vinyl releases.


My physical big finish collection is Aliens Among Us 1… so not hard to organise

That collection is incredible


I order by range, but my Big Finish collection is very small and my available space is very limited.