How do you decide what to listen to next?

I am pretty new to Big Finish and I think that it is hard to choose which series to listen to when there is so much content.

It is also hard to know where to start with some Doctors/series. For example, everyone talks well about the 8th doctor but do I start from the MR or from the 8th doctor adventures or someone else? Does anyone have any tips?


You could always use the bespoke ‘randomiser’ on the main site :smiley:

I tend to randomise my next listen although since joining TARDIS Guide, I’m now getting the itch to work through more ranges chronologically - at least for short bursts.


I have thought about going the random route but I don’t want to miss any continuity. The consequence of this is that I have mostly listened to shorter series with characters that I know from TV.

Oh my, looks like I have to listen to Scherzo next… Thanks randomiser…


I haven’t listened to much Big Finish, but with the ones I did, it was largely either Doctors I liked, or audio books I’d heard good things about.

How about listening to “Spare Parts”? Costs $3.79, and it’s absolutely classic. Think “Genesis of the Daleks”, only for Cybermen.


Spare Parts is definitely a good standalone listen. And as one of the first 50 main range releases freely available on most music streaming services :slightly_smiling_face:


For the most part, you could pick any audio from a Doctor you like or a range that seems interesting and go from there, as they are mostly standalone. There are exceptions, though, and the 8th Doctor is one of them, as BF has been building quite a story arc for him ever since Paul McGann joined Big Finish in 2001.

I started an 8th Doctor marathon today, beginning with Main Range Release 16, Storm Warning, which is the beginning of Eight’s adventures. If you want to, you could listen to all the 8th Doctor Main Range releases in order, as they form a complete story arc, and then move on to the 8DA box sets. You could also start from the 8DA box sets directly and listen to them in order, and then move on to Dark Eyes, Doom Coalition, Ravenous, Stranded, The New Eighth Doctor Adventures, and Time War. Or, you could begin with the Timne War sets, which are placed at the end of Eight’s life before his regeneration into War.

Overall, most early Main Range releases are great. The Tenth Doctor Adventures are generally great, as are the First Doctor Adventures with David Bradley and the Third Doctor Adventures with Tim Treloar (if you like Classic Who and don’t mind recasts). The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles with Jacob Dudman, The Missy releases, War Master, and most Diary of River Song sets are great as well.


Yeah, of the ones I’ve listened to, it’s the one I feel the most confident in recommending. I listened to the Fearmonger because it was 7/Ace, and it was pretty good.

Pretty sure I listened to Mission to Magnus because I’d heard the lost stories audios for the 6th Doctor were good, and it had Sil in it.

Live 34, OTOH, confused me a bit, partially because of having at least one companion I wasn’t familiar with and a very different format. It was good, but I suspect I should’ve listened to it later…


I tried listening to the top recommended Main Range audios, but I find that I really am very obsessive over listening to things in order :blush:

Having said that, the first Eighth Doctor audios I listened to were Stranded, when they were first released. I absolutely loved them so went back and listened to “Robophobia” which is Liv Chenka’s first story, then listened to the Lucie Miller sets, then Dark Eyes, and am now on Doom Coalition. I’m going to listen to all of Eight’s sets in order.

Yes, I skipped Eight’s stories in the Main Range, again because it felt wrong to listen to a subset of a range, and I knew there were crossovers. Now we are listening to the Main Range each week, I will get to those eventually :smiley:

In between, I love listening to modern Who stories, as New Who is my favourite - I of course started with The Diary of River Song, and have also listened to all the Tenth Doctor stories I could get my hands on, the recent Ninth Doctor stories, Eleven, Missy, some of the War Doctor, other sets like Jenny, Lady Christina, Rani Takes on the World…

I just go with my gut really with those other sets, and decide based on the characters.


I tend to be the kind of person who likes to listen to things in order, but when I first started I knew I wanted to get into Paul McGann, so I started with Lucie Millerand worked through them from there. I guess I would suggest picking a character you really like and trying a couple of stories with them in it, then even if you don’t like the stories too much, at least you weren’t also listening to a character you hate

Lately I’ve just been picking a Doctor at simi-random and going through some of their newer stuff, plus any of the stuff that would supply context I’m missing

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I’d definitely recommend the Eighth Doctor’s main range audios! They’re pretty standalone from anything else in that range.


Yeah it can be incredibly overwhelming at first and honestly still is a bit even though i’m well into big finish hell. Seconding what many others have said and it’s best to choose a doctor and/or tardis team you like and start with those audios. I found this spreadsheet a massive help to keep track and have used it as a template to make my own where I try and place said audios in rough continuity order. It’s still a rough WIP at the moment but if anyone’s interested despite that I might share it.


I built my site to replace a spreadsheet I had been using before :smile:

That would be an interesting thing to add to the site :smile:


There’s plenty of attempts to do that online. Eyespider is the best and most extensive IMO.

(Although some will disagree with the choices made on any attempt at a continuity).

I made a thread that contains the two best timelines to that. It can be found here: Doctor Who Timelines

For me it’s kinda random. If something new comes out that I pre-ordered, I’ll often jump on that. Sometimes it’s an old favorite that I haven’t heard for a while. Mostly it’s just kinda a random sampling of stuff I have that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Plus, I’ve got other books on my listen to list podcasts that I fit in and around the Big Finish stuff.


I narrow it down based on companion first. Usually when I’m in the mood to listen to an audio, I have a specific companion in mind, so I’ll focus on their appearances. Then I’ll go on the TARDIS Wiki and go down the list of audios I haven’t yet listened to and see which one strikes my fancy.

Granted, I only listen to the Sixth Doctor’s audios (as far as the Doctor Who ranges are concerned), so my decision is easier than most fans’.


Welcome to the forum. Why do you only listen to six?

Thanks for the welcome. It’s just personal preference. While I do like other Doctors, I don’t have any real hankering to jump into their non-TV stories. Six’s Era is my main love in the Doctor Who Universe, so my focus is primarily on him.