How are numbers of audio dramas calculated?

I’ll hold my hand up. I’m an unabashed badge -chaser. I noticed that there is a badge for ‘rated 500 audio dramas’ but I don’t have it even though I the site says I have currently rated 844 of them. The practical reason for this is probably that this badge is not yet automated and I need to make a polite request to @shauny. However, this led me to thinking about how audio dramas are (or should be) counted.

Do we count episodes (so, e.g. Sirens of Time would count as 4), equal-length separate stories (so, e.g. 100 would count as 4), unequal-length separate stories (so, e.g. Exotron / Urban Myths would count as 2), CDs (so, e.g. Sirens of Time would count as 2), boxes (so. e.g. Jago & Litefoot Series 1 would count as 1), separate physical releases (so, e.g. 100 would count as 1), separate website releases (so all those Part 1 ‘teasers’ would count in their own right) and so on. And that’s without the strange edge-cases such as Flip-Flop which could be argued to be either two stories or just one story.

It all makes my head hurt :sweat_smile:

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Hey. Hmmm I wonder why you haven’t got that badge yet. Maybe I made a mistake, it should definitely be automated. I’ll look into that!

As for how they are calculated, it’s quite simple - if it has its own page on the website then it’s “1” story. Even if split into different episodes, it’s a single story - so Sirens of Time is 1.

I’ll have a look now at why it’s not working!

There’s no obvious problem so I’ll have to take a look at the code - can’t do that right now but I’ll let you know when it’s fixed!

Wonder if they just aren’t triggering. It is a little strange that I don’t have the badge for rating all the 14th Doctors stories, since there are only 3 of them…

Edit: And now the Fugitive & 14th Doctor Badges triggered, though not 15.

Oh! I will investigate

Yeah, same for me - I have about 800 rated and I was wondering why the 500 badge hadn’t pinged for me yet

Yeah… my audios completed is at 955 but I only have up to my 100 badge.

My completed books is 485 - I’m assuming the next badge is 500.

I didn’t do anything, so must have just timed out last time. It can only grant so many badges in one go (something I will fix if I upgrade the forum hosting).

No-one has earned 15’s badge - that’s disabled until he regenerates! Might need to make that more clear…

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@efficacy @deltaandthebannermen @sircarolyn I should have fixed the bug now, you’ll get your badges next time it checks!

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I did a few things on my end, so that might’ve taken care of it. I rerated an episode or two, and logged out and back in. The badges didn’t appear at that point, but they did when I went over to a different computer and logged in.

Wasn’t sure on 15. 14 seemed odd, though, because I’d already had those rated for a good while…

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14’s badge was added after most of the others so maybe you just hadn’t done anything to cause them to update since it was added

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Woohoo thank you!

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Yeah I did only recently add the 14 badge.

It’s best not to try and force them. To prevent the site constantly checking badge eligibility (which is costly in terms of processing), it only does it 10 mins after you stop rating things, or login. So you might have kept extending that timer :smile:

I’ll change that eventually, when I upgrade the forum hosting. Need a few more members first!

That probably is it, then, because I rated those episodes rather closer to when they aired. I expect they were already rated at the time you added the badge.

I’ll definitely keep the 10 minute timer in mind!

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