Hii, my name's dlc!

hi, i’m dlc (well, not really my name, but you know).

i live in spain, i’m 21 and got into the show when i was 13 (a bit before the return of doctor mysterio) after a friend recommended it to me and it has been an obsession ever since.

i’ve watched nuwho countless times, torchwoord and most of the classic show.
getting into expanded media was hard as a non-native english speaker and i had to rely on dodgy sites for fan translations (and no big finish) and i just kept putting it off.

the 60th specials have reinvigorated my love for the show after i losing a bit of interest during thirteen (not jodie’s fault) and i’m excited to finish the classic show and listening to big finish.


Hi dlc - good to have you here.

I’m going to ignore the fact you were 13 when your watched The Return of Doctor Mysterio. It makes me feel very, very old! :exploding_head:

(Am I right that Doctor Mysterio is the title of Doctor Who in Spanish?).

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oh wow you’re right i had no idea, apparently the first doctor had a mexican dub and they called it Doctor Misterio (the revival’s just Doctor Who tho). it seems a single episode has survived, which is fitting for the show haha


Totally get what you mean. I’m also a non native speaker and Big Finish had been tough when I started listening to them. But overall I’d say Doctor Who has probably helped me more with my english than school ever has :sweat_smile:

I think there are some Big Finish transcripts somewhere out there. Maybe listening while reading along might help?


yeah doctor who has taught me so many english words haha

oh well i don’t think i’d need them currently, i started the ninth doctor adventures last weeks and didn’t have too much trouble, but thanks for the suggestion !


Hey dlc I’m glad to know that I’m not the only Spanish guy here and we have almost the same age (I’m 19 but this year I’ll be 20).
I’m watching the classic and I was very surprised to know that it was dubbed, did you watch it subtitled or dubbed?

the dub is lost afaik, i watched it subbed on the DoctorWhoArgentina site

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that was a long while ago tho, nowadays it’s on the Internet Archive (without subs)

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Aaa understand, in the Spain community there is a gigantic telegram channel with all the classic era subtitled and from the third I think it is already dubbed but the dubbing of Spain.
I don’t know if you are interested

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oh yeah checking out the dub should be fun

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