Hi! Theta here!

Hi everyone, I’m Theta! Or Lila, if you prefer. Lila/Lila’s, ey/em/eir, ze/zir. I’m a massive whovian and have even contributed to the Whoniverse. You can find me under Theta Sigma Ear Chef on the Wiki.
Feel free to reach out to me any time for reccomendations, rants, infodumps, or anything else Who related! Dr Who is my main special interest, so I’m always happy to chat about it!


Hi Theta - welcome to the forum.

Fascinated to know what your contribution to the Whoniverse is.

What’s your Favourite ep? :slight_smile:

Have a wild guess :wink:

Heaven sent (filler charicters)

Delta and the Bannermen

(Actually, don’t rate Heaven Sent but do need to give it a rewatch for a fairer judgement),

Also you were probably talking to Theta as I’ve got confused as to which thread I was in! This is what going on Discord at the same time does to you!)

Sorry Theta!

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(Although I have no recollection of who Coloth is as I read War Crimes about 25 years ago… :scream:)

Day of the Doctor, Listen, and Midnight are probably my top three. Generally speaking I’m a fan of any dark!Doctor, thoschei stuff, and especially any Missy. How about you?

Haha fair- Coloth was the framing story, but TBOTS is an anthology with many different stories! So, mine had absolutely no Coloth in it, but was rather a story that Coloth’s friend Maritsa plucked from the non-fiction shelves of the Library at the edge of existence… Still working my way through the anthology and I’m always amazed at all the amazing stories and new ideas, and how it can bring so many talented new authors together. Not just TBOTS (Though obviously I’m biased towards saying that you should read it), but any Who anthology where it was mainly new writers who contributed. Just, yeah, such beautiful projects, all of them.

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I do love Midnight but I rewatched Listen very recently and really disliked it - disparate scenes in search of an actual plot.

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Listen and Heaven Sent, two of my favourite episodes, being bashed by you delta! I’m going to have to start complaining about green babies soon…

But you wouldn’t know where to start as it’s flawless :wink:

I don’t know what it was about Listen but when I watched it last month, just randomly, so much of it bugged me. It just felt like Moffat had a load of great ideas but couldn’t quite tie them together into a coherent story. It’s felt more like a dissertation on the nature of monsters. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve never really warmed to Capaldi’s Doctor.

I’m glad it has its fans though - that’s what has kept Doctor Who alive - lots of different types of story for lots of different types of fan.

Honestly, that’s why I like it. In my experience, it’s pretty rare to find a television episode that can carry out plotlessness in such an elegant way. I like emotional, character-driven stories, so the plot rarely matters to me.

That’s what I like about it!

And “Fear is a superpower” is an amazing quote.

Plus the callback to the Doctor’s childhood. The whole episode feels so epic.

And of course we get, what I lovingly refer to as, the Morning Glory monster :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Just had a look at your TARDIS wiki page! That’s so sick. I’m currently at uni right now studying creative writing. would absolutely love to write something for any form of doctor who one day so i’m very jealous ! Will have to check out that story :slight_smile:

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Nice well done, I use the Wiki a lot for information about stories.

Nice spreadsheet, too. I’m hoping my site replaces the need for those though :smiley: let me know if there is anything missing.

The only trouble with the Fandom Wiki is I need an ad blocker to browse it because otherwise my whole computer grinds to a halt as 1000 autoplaying videos start blasting and things pop up all over the place and give me a seizure.

That was one of the main reasons I decided to make my own, and have no popup ads. I have no ads at all, and no cookies (except what is necessary to login with)


Oh, absolutely! I was only using the spreadsheet because there was no other handy way of keeping track of everything, and now that there is, I’ve been steadily recording all my stories in here.

Doctor Who is such a massive universe, I’m not sure it’s possible to ever add everything- I mean, where do you draw the line? Does the FASA gameplay book count? What about the Prime computer adverts? And then there are the minisodes, the games, the experiences… I did an offical Who escape room a while back, should that be counted as Who media? And, what about BTS material, or spoof type things like the five-ish doctors?

You do seem to be covering a massive amount of material already though- I noticed you just added FP! That’s exciting! It gives me hope that maybe miracles (covering all of Who, in whatever sense of the term that means) is possible.

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:nauseated_face: :rofl: