Hi there, I shout into the void

Hi there, My name is Cal but you can call me…Cal. I’m kind of obsessed with Doctor Who. One glance around my room would inform you of that, I promise. I’ve been watching since at least 2006 but I only say that because my earliest memory is of the Ood in ‘The Impossible Planet’ and being absolutely terrified of them to the degree that I ended up having to go to bed early. I don’t really have a favourite Doctor as I love them all for their own reasons but I’m particularly attached to The Third Doctor and The Thirteenth Doctor. I’m also the biggest fan of Tooth and Claw and I will die on the hill that it’s one of the best episodes of the show so don’t @ me.


Welcome to the forum. Good to have you here.


Pleasure to be here.

Welcome! Don’t worry, I think a lot of us are a little obsessed…


Welcome! :smiley: we are all obsessed here, you are in good company.


Welcome Cal, great to have you here! My bedroom would probably look like a Memory TARDIS if it wasn’t for my wife, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less obsessed :wink:


Welcome to the forum @Planely / Cal. I’m lucky that my wife allows me a room for all my stuff although it was all living in two garages (ours and my parents) until about 6 months ago. I think we all have a hill to die on when it comes to the best episode of the show. You may well believe it to be Tooth and Claw but the correct answer is of course Delta and the Bannermen :wink:


How dare you, I have never been so insulted. To suggest that Tooth and Claw is not the best episode of Doctor Who is worse than to insult me. I demand a duel at sundown. Ten paces with pistols drawn. /j

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