Hi, I'm Wes / 1stvamp

Hi! I’m Wes, I’ve been a Whovian since 1989, an unfortunate year to get into Doctor Who, but I was hooked and spent the wilderness years consuming everything I could.

I love the classics and the new, and all the bits in between; have recently got into Big Finish in a big way this past year (currently going through the glorious McGann stories we were sadly denied a TV showing).

I recently cosplayed “my Doctor” at a con in November, and met some familiar faces.
Other than that I live in Yorkshire in the North of England (lots of planets have them), with 3 mischievous kids, 2 even worse cockapoo puppies, and a very forgiving wife.

One of my ambitions this year is to visit at least 2 more cons with the all folks in the third photo and get their autographs as well (I was unfortunate to miss the autographing session that day).


Welcome to the forum! Good to have you here :grin:

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Welcome to the forum @1stvamp - it looks like we became fans in the same year and likely spent our Wilderness years in much the same rabid Doctor Who consuming way!

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And of course Delta and the Bannermen is a work of perfection. :kissing: :ok_hand:


@shauny This man needs promoting immediately. :smiley:


Welcome! 1989 was a great year for Doctor Who. The Ultimate Adventure running through the summer and Season 26 in the autumn. It’s a shame about what happened, or didn’t, afterwards! But the wilderness years held their own excitements of course.


So true.



Correction: The wilderness years held their own excitements, apart from that one!