Hi! I'm Jess!

Hello everyone! I just logged into tardis.guide today to add some story ratings, and it alerted me to this forum’s existence, so I thought I’d pop on over! My name’s Jess, I’m a 31yo Melburnian (she/her), and I’ve been a Doctor Who fan ever since the ABC’s repeat run of classic episodes that they started in 2003. I sort of drifted away during series 7B, then came back for series 10 & 11, then lost track of when the series were again after that, so between December 2022 and like… September? last year I did a full watch-through of the whole new series to catch up before the specials. Now I’m doing a watch-through of the classic series too, but I’m still only part way through season 2 :joy:

I really struggle to pick “favourite Doctors” and things because they’re all good, really. In the new era, it’s probably a tie between Eccleston, Smith and Capaldi (but I can’t really rank Ncuti until he gets more episodes). In the classic era, Tom Baker is definitely my nostalgic fave, but we’ll see if my rewatch can push some others up to tying with him. I do really like Hartnell, actually; he’d be pretty close.

Aside from Doctor Who, I like writing (novelling and blogging, in particular :sweat_smile:), reading (mostly spec fic, sometimes literary/historical or a thriller), tinkering with my personal website, ummmm, languages, nature walks, rock music, animals, and so forth. Aside from Doctor Who most of my favourite shows are comedies – things like Red Dwarf, The Goodies, Plebs, Community… I’ve also really liked some of those “witty banter”-filled dramas like Buffy or Veronica Mars, back in the day. Killing Eve was good too (I still haven’t watched the fourth season though :sweat:).

So, yeah. Looking forward to discussions with everyone!


Welcome to the forum Jess! Look forward to discussing Who with you :smiley:

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Welcome! Good to have you on board :grin:

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