Hi, I'm Golden!

Hey everyone! I’m Golden and I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since 2013 (the first episode I remember watching when it aired was Name of the Doctor). I’ve seen all of Classic and NuWho and spinoffs and have listened to a decent amount of Big Finish. My favorite Doctors are 5, 8, and 12, and I also really like the Big Finish Gallifrey series.

I’m currently working my way through the EDAs–I’ve read a couple of them out of order, but now I’m doing them from the beginning.


Welcome! We seem to have similar “origin stories” but different favourite Doctors.

Welcome. We must have started watching at the exact same time as The Name of the Doctor also was the first to air after I started watching :+1:
Gallifrey all the way!

Welcome to the forum, GoldenDruid! Good to have you here.

Welcome! I love it when someone starts watching from a fairly recent episode then goes back and watches all of Classic.

The Name of the Doctor must have had quite an impact on you! It must have also been a little confusing as a first episode to see haha. That episode gets some hate but I really love it.

Glad to have you here :grin: