Hi, I'm Darth Gallifrey and this is my first forum

Hi, I’m Darth Gallifrey and this is the first time I’ve ever really been on a forum. I’m 31 and live in Washington State (not going any more specific than that). I discovered Doctor Who on BBC America in 2010 and just happened to catch The Eleventh Hour. I have since then watched every televised episode (listening to the audio for the missing ones) and love Big Finish. My first two Big Finish stories were Patient Zero and Legend of the Cybermen that I kinda picked at random. I do not remember which one I listened to first.


Welcome to the forum, DarthGallifrey.

This is hopefully going to be a safe space to share your love of Doctor Who. Legend of the Cybermen is a great audio - but probably didn’t make a huge amount of sense as its the third part of a trilogy! Hope your BF choices made you want to search out more.

There’s a useful guide on the main site running through good places to start with the early Big Finish audios.

Oh I know that it’s the third part of a trilogy (I do think that Legend is the best part). And that Patient Zero is the culmination of a huge companion arc spanning two Doctors. In the past 13-14 years, I’ve listened to a ton of Big Finish. Having listened to the Charley Arc just makes Patient Zero even better.

Ha - sorry misunderstood what you were saying! I really shouldn’t post when I’m a bit tired!

No problem. It happens.

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I’m really enjoying the forum and am so glad I joined. It’s really a lot of fun, a great community, and just a great place to discuss Doctor Who. Thanks, everybody!