Hi everyone I'm Zig!

super excited for this!! my names Zig, I’m a huge huge fan of the entire show. specifically the classic show and 13th doctors era. Currently getting into the EU, reading a lot of eighth doctor novels currently and loving it.

I’ve never really delved into a forum type thing like this - used to engage on the twitter side of the fandom a lot but it just is super duper toxic so I left lol. You guys already seem a lot more chill. What’s everyone’s favourite Doctor? Episode? Series? Monster?

For modern mine would be Whittaker, It Takes You Away, Season 37 (series 11) and Thijarians
Classic would be Troughton, The Mind Robber, Season 26, The Sea Devils

(also excuse me if i don’t know proper forum etiquette hahaha)



Yes we are trying to be way more chill than Twitter. This is a safe space!

I change my favourites every five minutes but currently loving Eleventh and Eighth Doctors on audio. Weeping Angels will always be my favourite. Favourite series was 4, love Donna :heart:

Favourite episode is impossible to choose, I have lots which you can browse on my profile :wink:

actually great shouts for all… i need to listen to more eighth doctor audios though!

Welcome Zig.

Favourite Doctor- 2, 5 and 11
Favourite companion- Nyssa, Barbara and Rory
Favourite episode…erm…Delta and the Bannermen (no word of a lie).
Favourite monster - Cybermen and Sontarans or many of the one offs like Terileptils, Kandy Man, the Midnight creature.

And yes, we’re trying to create a safe, positive community here.