Hi everyone I'm Arc!

hiya! I’m Arc, short for Delegate Arcturus. stole the name off a character from Curse of Peladon, hopefully he won’t mind lol.

been watching Doctor Who for 6 years now, since early 2018, and basically been obsessed with it since. 9s my first Doctor but the first Doctor I watched as their episodes aired was 13. my favorite Doctor is honestly heavily influenced by whichever one I’m currently rewatching but my favs are 8, 6, 12, 13, and 2 (not necessarily in that order), and my favorite companions are Donna, Bill, Ace, Jamie, Evelyn, and Valarie. (my all time favorite character, though, is the TARDIS. The Doctor’s Wife is my absolute favorite episode)

I’ve seen the whole show (and recons of the missing episodes), have listened to a good amount of Big Finish (but there’s a lot more I have and just have not yet listened to, lol), and am currently verrrrrry slowly working my way through the VNAs (currently just over halfway through Strangle England).

I’m not entirely used to forms like these but I’m happy to be here!


Welcome Arc to the forum. Hope you enjoy yourself here. Let us know if you need any help getting used to how to use a forum :smiley:

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