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I forgot to do this at first! Hello all on TARDIS guide, I’m Tara (they/them) and I love Doctor Who in all mediums—audios and books, strange and obscure spinoffs, and sometimes even television! I’ve a particular interest in the Sixth and Eighth doctors, the EDAs, Bernice Summerfield, the Short Trips books… I love it when DW breaks the form and does something weird and bizarre, or when it gets emotional and makes me cry. But truth be told I find joy in anything Doctor Who related—it’s just something that makes me very happy :blush:

I wasn’t planning on posting much here at first but I love the tone and atmosphere you’ve all created here. It feels very friendly and welcoming so I’m planning on getting involved more. Thanks for reading!


Welcome! Glad you like the community here - I am not quite sure how we managed to collect so many fantastic people but it’s so lovely isn’t it :grin:

I love it when Who makes me cry! A brilliant quote that sums it up:

KATHY: What’s so good about sad?
SALLY: It’s happy for deep people

Which is your favourite tear-jerker moment?


Welcome to the forum and I’m so glad you picked up at good vibe as that’s exactly what we are striving for.


Welcome! Glad to hear that you like the tone here, that is what I also like. It feels refreshing to be in a nontoxic place after years on Twitter and other social media.


I think it’s one of the side-benefits benefits of the forum’s more leisurely “topic and discussion” model over the “stream of consciousness” exemplified by twitter.

“An elegant weapon, for a more… civilized age”


I absolutely weep at the end of Circular Time! I normally listen to audios while cooking or baking—I can’t do that with Autumn or Winter because they’re just too much!


Welcome to the forum! Breaks the format, you say…may I introduce you to A Natural History of Fear? jk you’ve probably already heard it but any excuse to recommend that extremely odd story.

Glad to have you here!

Natural History of Fear is one of my all-time favourites! :joy: And thank you. Happy to be be here :heart:

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