Hi all Whovian from Midwest Usa

Hi all 48 years young (compared to the doctor) from the States. Been watching Doctor Who since the 80s thanks to my late mom, her favorite was 2nd Doctor. My sons started watching the classics whos from the beginning last year. My wife fell in love with the 9th doctor. 4th is my favorite, just the right amount of nutty.
Like seeing other people passionate about Doctor Who in one way or another.


Welcome! I watched all of Classic Who from the beginning a couple of years ago too :blush:

Hello jj

Finally someone who doesn’t make me feel like the oldest person in the universe!!

Good to have you here and to hear that you are indoctrinating your entire family. My wife and 15 year old love the show but I’ve just about managed to get my 12 year old into after she watched the recent specials with us. She loved the Meep and I think we might finally have got to the point where we’ll watch the entire Ncuti season as a family.

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That is what I love about Doctor who it spans to all age groups. My daughter is probably only one that has fallen off the bandwagon but she did like the star beast.

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Little bit about how I got into Big Finish. First was when they had a cd in a Doctor Who magazine and thought that was pretty sweet that classic doctors doing audios, not even sure which audio it even was hmmm. Either way don’t have that anymore due to a flood that wipe out my old classic Doctor Who weekly, magazine, books, comics and misc collection. I do miss them but no way I am going to rebuild what I lost.
In the mid 2010s I used to frequent humblebundle for game deals and misc for me and my sons. One day I get an email they have Doctor Who Big Finish audios and was like heck yes. Nice easy way to build a collection digital only though but I did not mind. I do warn you that humblebundle do not link to the big finish app it’s only a direct download link on their humblebundle site.
Just a shame they do not do more of them.

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Since then I have been on and off listening. Started listening hardcore when I had a job that was so boring and tedious and these kept me sane (circa 2019). Drop off after leaving that job because of stress, after that became my mother caregiver till she passed away 2 years ago. During a short time we lost all of our parents and many family members. I went deep into a hole and until recently I am finally clawing my out of it. I find these audios help me relieve the many racing thoughts I use to have and finally able to enjoy my life more and more everyday.

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So sorry to hear about the recent troubles you’ve gone through. Just glad that Doctor Who was there to help you through it! :heart:

Oh yes you’ve just reminded me, I bought 3 Doctor Who Humble Bundles!

The audios - there are several apps you can use if you have a smartphone to put them in, very easy to listen to when you’re out walking.

And I actually own tonnes of comics from these bundles but have not read many of them because PDFs of comics just aren’t the same. Should help me with adding comics to the site though, hmmmm pinging @deltaandthebannermen look at this, it’s only 1 of 3 hauls I have of comics :sweat_smile:


So sorry for what you’ve had to go through recently jj. I hope our community can be a safe space for you.

And yes, @shauny I to have those humble bundles :slight_smile:


Think I only missed out on the last bundle they did. Just have not been paying attention to the games as much as I used to. Can’t beat the price per stories usually.

I love it here. Like having a place for a check list of stories I started to listen and re-listen to. Having a forum to shoot the bull here and there is a bonus.


I think I have some of those bundles myself, though I haven’t looked at them in a while

I honestly forgot I even owned them, what am I like :crazy_face: a huge treasure trove of goodies!

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