Hey y'all! I'm Flora Snow!

Hello! My name’s Flora Snow! I’m 23, recently married to my wonderful and incredible wife, and we have a very sweet and silly dog named Melchior.

I got into Doctor Who around when I was in 7th grade and it was at its most popular here in the US, sometime around 2012-2013. Was a huge fan for a few years but for a variety of reasons kinda fell off and stopped watching around the 2016 hiatus. In the following years I frequently thought about getting back into it but it was always a bit daunting, so I ended up missing the end of 12’s era and all of 13’s before finally committing to a rewatch/catch-up in anticipation of the 60th anniversary specials. That brought the obsession back in full force and now I’m finally diving into classic who, spinoffs, and extended media.

My favorite Doctor when I stopped watching years ago was 12 and he’s still my favorite now, but the Doctor that I really find myself obsessing over the most and constantly wishing I had more of is 13. She has truly become my Doctor and I just hope that before too long we’ll get Jodie and Mandip for some Big Finish adventures.


Hello! Apparently we share an age, a country, and if I may assume something from your pfp background, probably also a journey with gender identity! I’ve seen you on the discord but it’s very nice to meet you here as well, lol

I’m also a big fan of the 12th and 13th Doctors and I also deeply wish we’d gotten more with Jodie (she’s the first Doctor whose episodes I was watching as they aired, and a season with just her & Mandip would’ve been my dream), however, as evidenced by the fact that 12 of her last 14 episodes are firm favorites of mine, I’m pretty happy with the quality of what we did get from her era!

My biggest interests in the show are Classic Who and expanded media (the Classic-based novels especially) and I’d love to hear about your thoughts as you experience more of this content!

Well now I’m curious which 2 of the 14 episodes aren’t your favorites

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It’s Revolution of the Daleks and Legend of the Sea Devils. I love every other episode in that run from Can You Hear Me? straight through to The Power of the Doctor! (well maybe Survivors of the Flux a bit less than the rest, but I mostly think of Flux as one singular story anyway).

I love LOTSD just for all the Thasmin stuff. Revolution is definitely my least favorite of her specials though (although it also has great Thasmin stuff that I love…)

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The Thasmin stuff in Revolution is definitely the best part of it imo! Unfortunately apart from that I kinda felt it wasted just about every opportunity it had (although I’ve only seen it once so there may be some reappraisal on rewatch). LOTSD on the other hand I don’t so much actively have problems with, as much as it just never grabbed me like the others in that run did.

Yeah I definitely agree on Revolution. Jack just effortlessly breaking The Doctor out of jail and then her being there basically not mattering for the rest of the episode was especially bad. And I think Daleks are just much better at being threatening when they’re in small numbers instead of big armies so yeah overall most of the episode just doesn’t do much for me.

LOTSD is definitely the weakest of the 2022 specials IMO but I forgive it because it just breaks me down emotionally. I just spend the entire episode basically yelling at my screen for them to kiss and then have to watch it all go tragic because 13 is too closed off and it breaks my heart

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Jack didn’t even die once in Revolution, and at that point what’s the purpose of even having him in the episode? (That’s kind of a joke but also I genuinely think it’s one of the biggest indications in that story of how poorly thought-through it was.)

I do really wish there had been a Thasmin kiss. I don’t prefer Doctor-companion romances at all personally, but when every male Doctor of the revival had heterosexual kisses shoehorned into non-romantic contexts for no apparent reason, it kinda feels like a “fuck you in particular” to the queer community not to allow a kiss in a relationship with explicitly romantic undertones.

As much as I wanted a kiss, I think the Thasmin story that we got felt like a really special kind of tragic and heartbreaking compared to other romantic pairings like 10/Rose or 12/Clara and I think not having a kiss was the right call for it. Like in their last scenes there’s this sense that they want to kiss but know that it would just make it hurt even more

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That makes sense! I do think it works for the story we got (and I don’t really want a different story because I don’t think Doctor-companion romances are a good call to begin with). I’d rather have just not had the forced hetero kisses with the other Doctors lol. It’s just frustrating that we have one and not the other.

yoooo great to see more bearers of the pink white and blue :saluting_face:
looks like we have very similar Doctor Who journeys lol. I also became a big 12 fan upon reentry. I also hope we see 13 and Yaz in BF I think they could do some really great work with them!!!

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