Hey I'm Crowvre

Obviously my name is not Crowvre but I feel better when I am called by that nickname.
I’m 19 years old and I live in Spain, it’s a good place to live.
I started with Doctor Who about 5 years ago? I think around that time
It was thanks to a video of a spanish youtuber (Pazos64)

this is the video.

Since then I haven’t stopped following the series, the first episode surprised me (with those dolls that look pretty cheap lmao) but the second episode was the one that really got me hooked on the series.
Nowadays I have the modern one almost finished and I started last year with the classic series, I’m on season 2.
I plan to start with the audios this year, I’m looking forward to see what they have to offer.

Apart from Doctor Who, I love Japanese culture, I love anime and manga (especially manga).
I also love video games (my favourite video game is Hollow Knight).
And lately I’m reading a lot of fantasy literature but I haven’t read enough to talk about the genre.

My English is not very good and I use the translator a lot, if I have any mistake, please tell me, I don’t want any misunderstanding or anything.


Welcome! I also love Hollow Knight :blush:

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Welcome to the forum. It seems with have a mini Spanish community growing.

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It’s a fantastic game, I love the art and the animations it has, the way the combat feels more like a dance than real combat.
I plan to try to make a no hit one day because I love the game, after 120% I only have a few bossfights left.

Yeaah the Spanish community is quite active curiously, it has a lot of translated content whether it is the whole classic, the modern, books and even audios (they are transcribed into Spanish so you can read it while you listen).
There is a lot of the expanded universe to consume in Spanish.

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I haven’t read it yet, but there’s actually an article in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine about Spanish fandom. It’s titled Aficionados Internacionales

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I didn’t know that, when I’m at home I’ll read it, it made me quite happy to read the comment!!!
We exist!

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fan de alexelcapo?

i love the cosmere and hollow knight too btw

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Creo que esto responde a tu pregunta xD

Yes I love Cosmere, it gave me back the desire to read, I love their worlds, their stories and above all their characters, Dalinar is one of my favorite characters in life.
(oathbringer is my favorite book).
Where are you going in the cosmere?

Will there be any problem for speaking Spanish? I don’t think I saw anything that forbids it, but I think it’s better to speak English.

You’re welcome to direct message each other in Spanish but it’s probably best to use English in public posts so the rest of us aren’t excluded from the discussion.


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yeah that was my idea, it’s a public forum after all

i’ve read it all, waiting for stormlight 5
my favorite is probably The Way Of Kings

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Understood, sorry for the problems!!!
Sounds logical, I only put that phrase and that meme in Spanish because I got so excited, I’m really sorry.

Don’t worry about it. We want excitement around here and I imagine it’s quite nice to find someone else into Doctor Who from the same part of the world as you.

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