Hey everyone, I'm Eszera

Joined two weeks ago after finding this place in a tumblr post. Just figured out this forum was a thing just a few days ago, so here’s my introduction.

I started watching NuWho last year after watching Good Omens s2 when I realized David Tennant was the tenth doctor. I’m on season 9 right now, and have watched the first season at least four times over. I have also watch Torchwood and am about half the way through a s1-2 rewatch.

My favorite Doctor ended up being Eccleston (even though I started watching for David Tennant) and my favorite companion is Jack. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances is my favorite Doctor Who story (“Just this once, everybody lives!”) followed closely followed by Bad Wolf / Parting of Ways (“Ladies, your viewing figures just went up,” “Sounds like you need a doctor”). I’m not sure I could choose a favorite Torchwood story, but for the sake of space some of my favs are Cyberwoman, Captain Jack Harkness, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Meat, and Fragments.

Find me over on tumblr (username eszera) where I post about Doctor Who, Torchwood, Good Omens, and whatever random stuff I decide is cool. I also write fanfic as a hobby. I’m on ao3 as Obssessed_with_Hanahaki and on Quotev as Eszera. I don’t have any Whoniverse fics published yet but I have a bunch in my drafts I hope to finish soon.

That’s pretty much it, but thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to discussing with you all!


Welcome. Might want to check the TV Club where people are discussing Rose (S1:E1).

Welcome to the forum. As @DarthGallifrey mentioned you should join us over at the TV club where we are discussing Rose this week.

Hello! Just followed you on tumblr. Welcome to the forum!

Welcome! A fan for a year and you’ve already watched the first series 4 times, wow that’s awesome :grin:

Have you delved into the audio dramas yet? You seem a big fan of Jack, and he’s not in much Who but he’s in a whole load of audio dramas, a lot of which are really good!

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Welcome to the forum @Eszera . Good to have you here.

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Thanks I will!

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Welcome aboard, my dear fellow! Glad to see a fellow DW fanfic connoisseur (as someone who has written several during the previous year)!