Hello people!

Realised I haven’t done an introduction on here, I’m Jay, 22, Any/All

Been watchinging Dr Who as long as I can remember, dad got me watching the classics and watched every episode of NuWho at leaast the week it was dropped.

Currently making my way through more classic with my boyfriend @gravesgate

Also big into D&D/TTRPGs, and comics.


Welcome to the forum! Oooh, a forum couple, are you the first one here, I wonder?

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Forum couples, how cool! @EvenstarSystem and @ineffyble are a couple too!

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Welcome to the forum @JayPea

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lmao, get flagged

Haha sorry, it got flagged for “sock puppet” because you are on the same IP address!

Please try again.

Welcome @gravesgate sorry for the AI flagging your first post :joy:

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lmaooo, that’s incredible

I’ve turned that setting off now, don’t think we really need it!

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Welcome to @gravesgate.