Hello! I've been here and I'm still here

I’d say I noticed I never did an introduction, but that’s actually pretty typical of me. :stuck_out_tongue: Probably should do one, though.

You can pretty much go with whatever variation of Sweetie Belle or SweetAI Belle you want when referring to me. (I also decided at some point that when online, I don’t really care that much what pronouns people use to refer to me…)

I do live in the US in a big city you’ve probably heard of in the middle of the desert with lots of neon. Generation-wise, I’d consider myself to be in what’s known as the Oregon Trail Generation (born between 77-83). And, okay, I do have a tendency to be vague on some things online.

I started watching Doctor Who back on PBS when I was growing up, so really my love of Doctor Who probably started 3rd-4th Doctor. They were also showing things like Sapphire and Steel, Blake 7, The Prisoner, Red Dwarf, and all sorts of good stuff!

I’ve watched most of classic, except for a bunch of spots in the 1st/2nd Doctor’s eras that I’m gradually filling in. I’ve also watched almost all of new Who.

I used to read almost constantly, but over the last few years, it’s dwindled down to a few books a year. I read pretty fast, though, so if I pick up a book, there’s a pretty good chance I’m finishing it that day. I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy.

I am also definitely into Star Trek. Aside from filling in the gaps in on Doctor Who, I’m gradually going through watching all of Star Trek Voyager. Watched the first season of Good Omens, and the first season of Loki, too (I’d love variant Doctors). And I’m into Douglas Adams.

I watch lots of things, in fact, including various animated things like The Owl House, or, you know, if you recognize the username, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In fact, on the latter, I’m fairly well known on the fanfiction website for it, https://www.fimfiction.net/ because it’s rather noticable that I either run or am on the admin team for dozens of forums there. Including, in fact, the Doctor Whooves one. It’s generally for Doctor Who fans, but some Doctor Who references did rather slip into an episode…

Otherwise, I like all sorts of music (including soundtracks and musicals), and tend to know a little bit about everything. I know some programming on a dozen languages (lately it’s been python, and I supposed it’s a little weird to know C++ before Python…), a bit of art, have done some writing (though generally not Doctor Who, thus far), and a bit into ai, though I know people have opinions on that, these days. (My current profile picture here is drawn by me, my one on mastadon is ai.) I tend to be good at brainstorming and ideas, in general.

I also work at home at a technical support position, which sucks a bit since I hate phones, rarely set foot outside these days, and keep pretty weird hours. (Which is one reason I’m often up when people in the UK are…)

Anyways, this is the me topic, so feel free to talk about me in it!


I loved this introduction! And a belated welcome to the community (isn’t that what we’re supposed to say here…?).



It’s always a little hard to know what to say in introductions, really, and I kind of like just diving in and getting to know people. Of course, part of why I got out of the habit was really that everyone already knew me in fimfiction forums because of my being involved in some of the most high profile groups there.

Actually, people sometimes confuse me for a site admin over there, which can be annoying…

Oh, you know, just for anyone curious, I said I drew the avatar I have here. I was pretty heavily referencing one panel of Phoebe and Her Unicorn, as I was trying to do Sweetie Belle in that style. It loses a bit in being shrunk down, so here’s the full thing.


A belated welcome to you!

We have chatted several times on Mastodon, and you’ve made some great suggestions for the site (some of which I still haven’t implemented yet, sorry, but they are on my list…)

Also a big fan of Star Trek here, Voyager is my favourite. I’ve watched that all the way through a couple of times now, and sometimes I watch the finale two parter again as it’s like a movie.

I’ll take a look at Dr Whooves, I’m quite familiar with Friendship is Magic and watched the first series when it came out, but then lost track.

You are a good person to know and to have on the site, thank you for being here :blush:

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Another belated welcome.

My wife is big into Star Trek and I loved TNG back in the BBC2 days. She’s been working her way through all of TNG and Deep Space Nine and my eldest did all of Enterprise recently.

My wife was also into Friendship is Magic, as was my daughter although she’s now ‘outgrown’ ponies.

Really great to have you here.

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Us having chatted and brainstormed a bit is definitely one of the reasons I came over to the Forums! That and I really do prefer forums to more live chat things like discord.

Doctor Hooves was one of these things where people noticed a background pony that looked like David Tennant with an hourglass cutie mark, started calling him Doctor Hooves, and even did a whole fan series of youtube episodes of Doctor Hooves and Derpy traveling in the Tardis. Then the episode “Slice of Life” came along where they were throwing in all sorts of fandom references and decided to give us several Doctor Who references with Doctor Hooves…

Watching Star Trek Prodigy actually kickstarted me a bit on going back to Voyager, because Janeway is all over it and is so good…


TNG is a bit of my roots in Star Trek, really, though I’ve seen plenty of TOS and other series. (The ones I’ve seen the least of is probably Discovery, in fact.)

I’m sure eventually your daughter will outgrow outgrowing ponies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good having you here, too.

I keep trying with TOS but I just can’t get into it. I’ve got about as far as that one where some genocidal maniac performs Hamlet!

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It’s actually one of these spots where I’ve got no idea how much I’ve seen of it, because I watched a lot of scattered episodes a long time ago. No idea how well I’d fair watching it episode by episode.

You need a startrek.guide website!

(Yes I considered doing this. It’s a blessing the domain is taken by someone else…)


I can see the temptation, but yes, equally a good thing it was taken. Imagine trying to get information on all the various Star Trek novels in there…

Don’t you dare! You still need to get this one sorted properly :wink:


I KNEW I recognized that profile… I practically grew up on FIMFiction. Ah, I was but an innocent child exploring the depths of my first ever fandom. And delighting in the fact that Doctor Who was so surprisingly intertwined, being my secondary fandom. Lovely to make your acquaintance, and I hope you’re enjoying the site as much as I have c:


Yep, it’s me! Don’t let the fact that I’m not signing my posts here fool you. (Actually, I probably would have stopped by now on fimfiction, but people kinda expect it of me, and start thinking someone might’ve hacked my account if I stop.)

Good to make your acquaintance, too, and I’ve been enjoying it so far!


Fellow Smeg head here also. PBS was great for shows that didn’t fit anywhere else. It’s been a while since I have rewatch Blake 7. I remember running across Dr Whooves with the many many searches across the years.