Hello! I'm Trench!

Hello everyone! I have been a Doctor Who fan for as long as I can remember. I have always loved the Tenth Doctor and The Twelfth Doctor and the Slitheen are my favorite monster. Over the past few months I have been delving into Classic Who and expanded material for the first time which has been really enjoyable. The First Doctor in particular has become one of my favorite Doctors with companions like Steven and Vicki becoming some of my favorites. I am really excited to get deeper and deeper into the Doctor Who rabbit hole and experience this great universe with others!


Welcome! Good to have you here.

Have you completed every Slitheen story? We just read The Monsters Inside, you can add your comments there if you like :smile:

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Unfortunately I am far from completing all the Slitheen stories. I’ve done Slitheen Excursion, Sync, and the stories from series 1, but I haven’t watched SJA yet or the other audio/prose Slitheen stories.

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Oh, if you like Slitheen you should love Sarah Jane, they feature quite a lot there :grin:

That sounds very fun! I also just wanted to thank you for making this platform. In the words of the Ninth Doctor, its fantastic!

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You’re welcome! Tell your friends!

How did you hear about the site? I’ve been promoting it in lots of different places but I don’t use tracking codes because I think they are creepy lol

I saw a post about it on the Big Finish subreddit!


Welcome to the forum @Trench16 . Good to have you here.