Hello, I'm Richard

Hi! I am Richard (he / him, though I am gender non-conforming). Have been obsessed with tardis.guide for a couple of months and just the other day have started engaging with the forum. I have been a fan since 2005, or more specifically since Rose found out that the TARDIS was bigger on the inside and my mind exploded.

I doubled down on my Doctor Who journey on Boxing Day 2019 when I decided to re-watch EVERYTHING in chronological order, so anything in a visual format that is to do with Doctor Who, including spin offs, fan productions, minisodes and ephemera. Alongside this I am reading the contemporary DWMs. I am just about to start Matt Smith’s second series and am midway through K9 and series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

I wish when I started this I had tardis.guide to act as my companion through it all! Its helping me pick up some of the more obscure things I otherwise would have missed “Bernice Summerfield’s Dead and Buried” is a good example!


Welcome! Well, you’ve been here a while but welcome anyway!

The site wasn’t ready back in 2019 don’t worry :sweat_smile:

Glad you’re finding it useful, and finding the community fun as well!

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Yes! I’ve been slow to get involved with the forum but I think I’m here to stay now!

A proper welcome to the forum Richard.

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